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  Seeds of Hope, Inc. has been organized to address the needs of the homeless population in and around Ross County, Ohio. It does so by offering, but not limiting itself to emergency sheltering, transitional housing and a faith-based mentoring program.

The way our program works

  1. Client assessment to determine needs and risk factors related to client’s current condition.
    • Assessment is completed when the client enters our program and is designed to help determine the risk factors associated with the client’s current condition.

  2. Care plan established and Case manager assigned to the client to ensure the care plan is carefully followed.  Care plan includes the following:
    • Client acquisition of proper Id (license, birth certificate(s), social security card),
      • BMV appoint made when necessary
      • Social Security Office visit coordinated when necessary
      • Vital Statistics Office visit is coordinated when necessary
    • Client assessment for food needs
      • Job and family services appointment to help get food stamps for client when needed.
      • Women Infant and Children (WIC) appointment made when needed.
    • Client income/job status evaluation-
      • If client has a job then some form of documentation showing how many hours the client works and how much they make is obtained.
      • If the client is not currently employed then necessary steps are taken to help the client get employed- Job’s One Stop is instrumental in this process
      • Other sources of income are evaluated including SSI, child support, grants/loans for school etc.

        The goal is to determine the client’s ability to obtain stable, affordable housing and to address barriers that are inhibiting the client’s ability to do so.
    • Client housing-
      • Since the client is homeless an evaluation of their individual situation is taken and steps to gain housing for the client are followed.  Ross County Community Action and Metropolitan Housing are instrumental in this process
        • Determining if the client is on the Metro. Housing list.
        • Checking with RCCA to see about rapid re-housing and get a list of potential low-income houses/apts. that are available.
        • SOH is now working with Love Inc. through their Homes of Hope program to offer transitional housing for eligible clients.
    • Client childcare-
      • Making sure that the client has childcare lined up for work hours- Job and Family Services is instrumental in this process.
      • When necessary a plan is instituted to address any barriers to helping client with custody related issues.
    • Client transportation-
      • Making sure the client has available transportation- Job and family services is instrumental in this process often obtaining a bus pass from the Chillicothe Transit.
    • Client adequately connected to community organizations to help stabilize and support the client (Churches, foundations, non-profits, etc.)
      • Organizations like Love Inc., Hope Clinic, Scioto Valley Mental Health, Local Food Banks, Salvation Army, Churches etc. and families of client’s are contacted when necessary.

Who can use Seeds of Hope services?

The SoH Shelter serves eligible homeless women and families that meet the following criteria:

  • Is 18 years of age or older, and able to care for herself;
  • Has income at or below 35% of AMI.
  • Lacks a fixed, regular, adequate nighttime residence, including those staying in a public or private place not designated for, or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings;
  • Is currently in Ross County;
  • Cannot be more appropriately served by another program or system of care (e.g. immigrant services, domestic violence services, etc.);
  • Has no other options or resources available for overnight shelter in this or another county, and;
  • Is not currently under a service restriction.

Community Collaboration

Seeds of Hope Inc. works closely with organizations such as Ross County Community Action and Job and Family Services to help clients with housing issues. Care Plans are designed to help clients get connected with community organizations that can best meet the specific needs of the client. Additional collaborative efforts include: local churches, Love Inc., Hope Clinic, Elisabeth’s Hope, Scioto Valley Mental Health, The Recovery Council, and any other community resources that might help stabilize the client. SOH has partnered with Hopewell Mental Health for our residents needing these services.


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Seeds of Hope, Inc. has been organized to address the needs of the homeless population in and around Ross County, Ohio. It does so by offering but not limiting itself to emergency sheltering, transitional housing and a faith-based mentoring program.

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